“The XXI Ismaele Voltolini Contest Special Young Talent Prize goes to Valentina Corò, from Venice, on whom the Jury has seen great potential. “She has convinced us for many reasons- explains Marino Tomà- she has a beautiful voice, an excellent diction and a physical presence that in the recent years has become researched. In a musical scenario dominated by foreigners, Valentina is a little pearl and represents an exception…”.

Rita Lafelli - Gazzetta di Mantova

Filomena Spolaor - Gazzettino di Venezia

Flora (Valentina Corò) is very confident with the Stage and shares an interesting timbre”

Maria Teresa Giovagnoli-MTG LIRICA


“..we want to remember the excellent Flora by Valentina Corò”

Francesco Lodola- Ieri, Oggi, Domani, Opera!

“…the interpreters all beautiful and worthy. We have listened during the general rehearsal Valentina Corò (Senta) of whom we underline the charming phrasing.”

Valeria Ronzani – Corriere Fiorentino

“More ready we could say Valentina Corò, a voice of which we have already had a taste in recent productions and that has already gathered experience on Stage. For her an accurate execution, generally authoritative, she is gifted by a rich voice from the lower to the  upper range.”

Maria Teresa Giovagnoli - MTG LIRICA

“The First Prize goes to an Italian Soprano from Venice, Valentina Corò, who has obtained the Tullio Serafin Award, with a vibrant and accurate execution of Dich, Teure Halle! from Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner”


Francesco Bertini - Connessi all’Opera